Explore life, faith and meaning with Alpha.

We regularly run the Alpha Course at Kingsland Church, an international course introducing the basics of the Christian faith through a series of films and discussions. Alpha is an opportunity for everyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and inclusive setting, on a weekly basis.

Each time we meet, across 11 sessions, we will look at a different question about faith and God. We will hear from someone who has encountered God in their life, with a chance to ask them questions. We then watch a short Alpha film, and after this, discuss any questions or views arising from the film.

There’s no pressure, no follow-up and no charge. Bring yourself and a friend or family and ask away.

When does Alpha start? Alpha runs all year round, stopping occasionally for a week or two break. Arrive for a 7.45pm start in the Kings Cafe or on Zoom and start. We aim to finish by 9.00pm latest. Come to every session, or just dip your toe in and see how you find it.

For Alpha Zoom either click here or use the Zoom app:

  • Zoom Meeting Code: 830 3350 2318
  • No Password Required

What happens when I connect to Alpha online? You will be invited to join the meeting from a waiting room. The waiting room opens at 7.45pm.

* You don’t have to, but you may want to email Karen to let her know you are coming, and then she can keep in touch with you directly, email: [email protected]