Helpful services

silhouette of friends helping while hiking

Everyone needs a hand sometimes. While we prefer to give a hand up, sometimes people just need a handout. We have a few initiatives from the church here and some excellent links with other Colchester agencies; we support the ones below through our church-giving.


We are committed to doing our best to help families flourish.

Precious Bundles: provide clothing and some items of equipment for under-fives. At Kingsland, we receive donations whenever we are open and offer clothes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 am. Details from Julia

School Holiday Packed Lunches: We offer free packed lunches each school holiday from the Centre from 11 am


We are committed to helping people manage their finances better and be released from debt.

Colchester Foodbank: We work with food banks and can provide food bank vouchers in certain circumstances at the centre here. The Foodbank currently operates in the tollgate centre, Stanway.

tCAS: the church’s advice service was started in Kingsland and now operates in the co-op bank. It offers advice and help on benefits, employment, finance and housing.

CCDC – Colchester Christian Debt Centre – Christians against Poverty: can help with debt and money advice. Whether you are in out-of-control debt or just need some wisdom. 

Money Conversations. Ben, one of our friendly money-wise partners, offers confidential conversation to help you through the money maze.

Mental Health

We are committed to helping people experience freedom in their minds.

Kingsland Counselling: Offers sessions at the centre dealing with various personal issues. Unlike the other services on this page, this is not a free offer but can be subsidised.

Listening Ear: It is a drop-in on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm with trained listeners to help you offload. Booking is helpful but not essential. 

Spiritual Health

We are committed to helping people reach new spiritual heights.

Cafe Chaplains: Our Cafe Chaplains are on hand in the building Mon – Thurs mornings to chat and offer a friendly ear and prayer if appropriate.

Prayer Encounter: We offer prayer encounters by appointment. A couple of hours dealing with spiritual issues or having a warm spiritual bath. Use our contact form.