Kingsland Hubs

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Hub Team Members

We have organised our church into several Hubs, with different people responsible for each. 

Cafe and Centre Hub

Cafe and Centre Hub

Our busy church centre is open 7 days a week for all sorts of church and community gatherings. The cafe serves excellent coffee. This hub is overseen by Ade and Maggie

Youth Hub

Shaun Almond

Remix meets on Sunday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Friday nights. School years 7 to 11 find a place to meet, hang out, and see, Know and follow Jesus. The hub also includes some of the other activities for teens that happen in the centre. Shaun Almond oversees this hub.

Children & Family Hub

Bec Bright

Children come to Kingsland to play, learn, dance, worship, and sing. Parents come to meet, learn, chat and encourage each other. The various church and community groups in the Children and Families hub help facilitate these various activities. Bec Bright oversees this hub.

Here For Good Hub

Samuel Okafor

Here For Good is a separate charity involved in activities like Precious Bundles, which collects and offers free clothing to those under 5, our free school holiday lunches, Kingsland Counselling, which offers affordable counselling services and several other charitable initiatives. Sam Okafor oversees this hub.

Prayer & Spirituality Hub

Gail Mitchell

With such a wide variety of people, we have the opportunity to explore various ways of praying. Serious intercession soaking, prayer in tongues and declaratory prayer all find a place as we pray for ourselves, each other, our church, city, nation and world. Gail Mitchell oversees this hub.

Health & Wellbeing Hub

Kingsley and Sharon Osei-Tutu

We want to be an active church! This hub coordinates the various social and physical activity groups, choirs, etc, that help us stay mentally and physically healthy. The Hub also runs health seminars twice a year on an aspect of our physical health. Sharon and Kinglsey Osei-Tutu oversee this hub.

Pastoral Hub

Ian Davies

Maintaining a good environment for people to grow is key to the pastoral hub. Whether celebrating success, helping through hard times, facilitating spiritual growth or building a caring community, we need each other and the mutual support and encouragement that it brings. Ian Davies oversees this hub.

Outreach Hub

Karen Loring

Our community engagement gives us a healthy outward focus. Our outreach hub helps draw people into the fullness of life we have in Christ and helps us share that life in a way that looks like love. the hub includes a significant training element, equipping us to be good news. Karen Loring oversees this hub.

Training Hub

Neil Loxley

Our training hub helps us develop our continued discipleship as part of the church here. Connections is the way into church partnership; we run base camp to help discover our gifts and a variety of ministry and discipleship training courses to equip us. Neil Loxley oversees this hub.