Creativity in worship

Michelle Tennens

We’ve had many wonderful artists join us for worship during lockdown creating works of art live in response to the sung worship and praise. When people say the word ‘worship’ it is usually associated with singing, but there is many other ways of giving praise to Jesus using every sense and skill that you have. Here’s a few thoughts on creativity in worship from Penny Pancaldi, our spotlight artist from last Sunday.

“Thank you for inviting me to do the craft-worship. I say that because I believe that doing creative things can be classed as worship if we do them with a servant  heart. The flowers that I created this morning will be used in an art work that The Clothing Clinic is heading up. The idea is to make different types of flowers while we are stuck at home. The pieces will be put together at the end of this Lock Down period to form a larger art work which expresses how we came together to be a creative community in isolation.”

Let’s see where the Lord leads with this. If you would like to take part in this project please go to The Clothing Clinic Facebook page.