Locked down or locked out?

Michelle Tennens


Here for you a monologue written and spoken by Gemma Saint, one of our interns.

Lockdown or locked out? Shut out or kept safe?

It was an ordinary life, three months ago. Who knew this is where we would be, unable to move, unable to fly, only able to dream!

Some finding themselves, others counting down the days, the hours, the minutes until we are released, when we hear those safe words, “Come out, its safe, come into the new.”

Let’s remember those, who are feeling the best they ever have, who recognise lockdown is made for them. While we might be aching to see loved ones, kiss and hug friends, let’s be considerate to those who like the isolation, who have never felt more alive. Those who are enjoying this time to breathe.

Maybe, instead of being inconsolable with the harsh reality we are facing, we need to think more like those who are making the most of this time.

When in our futures will we be able to have another time like this? Moments to stop. Moments to stare.

But as time plod on, as the minutes fly by, time not stopping but life feeling like it has, we begin to truly realise our mortality. We are reminded of greater things: goals, ambitions, next steps. The people we have lost.

So, is lockdown really that bad? Yes, of course it is, as we see the health of our friends and family fade before our eyes, life suddenly flashes before our own.

The faces, the lack of communication or physical embrace, is hard, struggling to fill the void that was made by seeing others in the flesh, is hard on us all.

But coming out, aren’t we all going to be better, appreciate life, appreciate nature, appreciate the outdoors, appreciate each other?

Whilst physical interaction is something we crave, the role online content plays is that much greater, and in this new technological age, with people young and old coming together virtually, it’s hard to see the downside.

Just like life, there is always a silver lining, something we need to be reminded of, to just keep getting us through.

So, whether it’s that evening drink we look forward to at the end of day, or just sitting and being with those around us, not making a sound, not making a move.

My challenge and gift to you, to make the most of lockdown, is to take a moment, take a minute each day. Listen and reflect. To your breathing, to your surroundings, to the life you want to lead.

If we all take a moment to find joy, find something to believe in, then life really can seem that little bit easier.

We know the end result. Jesus will come again and we will all be reunited with our Father, our true Father in Heaven.

But how will we will choose to live in our new normal? By God’s grace, let us try to be more like Jesus on the cross. When all seemed lost, and all hope was gone, let us echo: Father, Father why have you forsaken me? Let not my will by thine be done! And into your hands we commend our spirits.

Let Him take full control, as where there is Christ, there is love and where there is love there is Hope.