No Reason to Fear

Michelle Tennens

Stuart Anderson has written and recorded this beautiful worship track, based on Psalm 91 during lockdown, it is called ‘No Reason to Fear’. He recorded this video especially for us, so turn up the volume and let your heart sing! #worship #Jesus.
©Stuart Anderson.

NO REASON TO FEAR’ is a song based on Psalm 91 from the Bible. It is a Psalm which a lot of people found an incredible help and encouragement over during the outbreak of the global pandemic of Covid-19. In fact many people have referred to it as the ‘Corona Psalm’.

Lyrics & chords below so you can make it your own psalm:


(Based on Psalm 91)

There is no reason to fear (C)

You promised I know that you’re here (Dm7)

No plague or disease will come near, to me (F) (C)

There is a reason to sing (C)

I’m sheltering under your wings (Dm7)

Your shadow is a covering, over me (F) (C)

And I will dwell in your shelter oh Lord (Bb) (F) (C)

And I will trust in your unfailing word (Bb) (F) (C)

I declare your protection – my refuge my fortress my shield (F) (C)

I worship you Lord, my hope rests securely in you (Dm7) (F) (C)

Yes I worship you Lord, my hope rests securely in you (Dm7) (F) (C)

© Stuart Anderson 2020 (Based on Psalm 91)

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