Paint, write, dance

Michelle Tennens

Art, dance and writing have become skills that we are remembering and returning to during this time. God is raising up an army of creativity to bring hope, love and joy in times of stress and anxiety. The art above has been contribute by folks from around Kingsland over the last few weeks as part of their contribution to our worship. Perhaps you too may want to join them and create, tell stories and share your joy in Christ.

If you feel that you aren’t talented enough, then take a moment read this poem, found online recently, written by a poet simply called Aaron. We don’t know any more about him, but reproduce his work here for you to enjoy, be inspired! You are God’s greatest work of art.

God is A True Artist

Always been
Of God.

How could I
Ever paint like
Him as
He strokes
Across the earth
Sculpting mountains
And waning rivers
with grace
And ease on his
Gentle brush.

How could I
Dance like him as
He twirls around the
The planets around him,
They twist and turn in an
Endless waltz

How could I ever love?
Someone like him,
With his affection
Touching us all
as it sweeps
through like the
Autumn wind

How could I ever
Shine like
Him with
His beauty
Surfing down
sun rays
Piercing through
All darkness

How could I listen like him
With his
Ears ***** and
Ready for
And every
whisper of his name.

I grew angry,
And decided to ask
Lord? How do I become
An artist like you?
How do I create like you?

He grabbed me by
My hand
And pulled me
Close to him,
As he dipped
Head down and looked
At me
To say,
“my child, do not worry”.

Were never made
To be a maker,
You were made to be a marvel!

For you,
And all my
Are my greatest work
Of art.