September Start


A new school year gives an opportunity for a new start. The decisions we make now probably have a bigger effect than at New Year. We start most school and Uni courses in September, many have started married life at this time of year and its a popular time to change jobs. 

September Start is an opportunity to make a fresh start in Kingsland, to join one of the many groups or activities that will help you make new friends, learn something new, deepen fellowship, grow spiritually or serve meaningfully. 

We’ve pulled together many of the things that we are doing as a church, though look out for others as well. There are a variety of Community courses, free for everyone, including Alpha, Parenting, Marriage and Sports.

There is a range of discipleship groups, most of which follow the Sunday morning teaching and September is a great time to start.

You may decide September is a good time to start ministry training with the ACT course on Bible interpretation and Application, or join the Gospel Choir, or the Creative Worship adventures.

Of course theres always good things for children and young people to get involved in, September sees most of them start up again.

September Start is an opportunity to join in, take a step, make a start and see what God has for you in one of the small groups.

To make the most of Kingsland we recommend  – 

belonging to a congregation where I’m inspired and encouraged, 

being involved in a  small group where I’m known and can ask, 

serving in ministry where I can give out and grow 

Our Congregations are 9.15, 11am and 6.30pm on Sundays, or Wednesday at 1. For more information on anything please contact us.